The Dobrush region medical system is made up of 32 medical organizations:

  • Dobrush central regional hospital
  • Terekhovka regional hospital
  • Ogorodnya-Gomel nursing hospital
  • 4 rural outpatient departments
  • 3 outpatient departments of general practitioner
  • 19 obstetrician stations
  • 3 health units
  • In-patient departments for 340 beds, including 35 beds in nursing care units.

Doctors render medical services in 25 areas: gynecology, physiotherapy, psychiatry, skin and venereal diseases, narcology, therapy, neurology, surgery, traumatology, ophthalmology, endocrinotherapy, endoscopy, ultrasonic diagnostics, functional diagnostics, rehabilitation, stomatology, cardiology, oncology, infections, X-ray study, etc.

In 2002-2005 the region purchased medical equipment: anesthesia apparatus, 2 apparatuses for ultrasonic examination, 3 rectoscope inhalers, 13 dental devices, a laparoscope, an X-ray diagnostic complex, 2 apparatuses on artificial pulmonary ventilation, 8 electrocardiography devices and etc.