The regional Palace of Culture n.a V .V. Kuibyshev is situated on the bank of the picturesque River Iput. The center was once a club n.a. V .V. Kuibyshev - one of the first USSR new type cultural institutions founded in 1926 that later turned into the Palace of Culture.

The club became a cultural hub of the town. Today the regional Palace of Culture is a cultural center of the whole region.

There are 27 clubs in the region. Of them one is regional Palace of Culture, two town Palaces of Culture, one auto-club, one handicraft center, 20 rural Palaces of Culture and two rural clubs.

Some 224 artistic amateur groups involving 2,236 people, including 131 children groups /1,405 boys and girls/ have been established in the region.

The region embraces 23 amateur associations and clubs, 139 art amateur groups, 9 art companies have “national” status.

To intensify cultural links with Russia and Ukraine, art amateur groups and craftsmen of the Dobrush region took an active part in the festival Slavic Brotherhood at the Monument of Friendship on the border of the three countries. The region also participated in the celebrations of the Independence Day of Ukraine /Gorodnya/, in the holiday devoted to the 61st anniversary of the liberation of Bryansk oblast from the Nazis, the Klimov Town Day /Russia/, the literary holiday On the Dnepr, Desna and Sozh /Gorodnya/ and in the concert program Bridge of Friendship /Novozybkov/.

in 1998 folk craft workshops were founded in the region, namely in the Krupetsy, Zhgun, Korma and Vasilievka rural Palaces of Culture to preserve, develop and popularize traditional crafts, support craftsmen, create conditions for passing their knowledge over to next generations. The Terekhovka Town Palace of Culture has opened a handicraft center in wood engraving, wood painting, straw encrustation and embroidery.

There are 35 libraries in the region, of them 30 – in the rural area including 6 libraries-clubs.

Over 25 thousand readers /or 56 per cent of the region’s population/ attend libraries regularly every year. The libraries’ stocks include more than 495 thousand copies of printed editions, over 500 thousand books and periodicals. Every year the library system is supplied with 178 different periodicals.

On average, one rural library is supplied with 14 periodicals and 12 newspapers.