Social security

As of November 1, 2005 there were 13,765 pensioners in the region /or 31.3 per cent of the total population /.

On November 1, 2005 the average pension equaled Br 216,449 /USD 1 = Br 2,160/.

To render financial support the social security fund allocated in 2005 Br 8,7 million, the local budget - Br 2,440,9 million.

The Dobrush regional territorial center on social services renders assistance to people /families/ who find themselves in a difficult situation. The center also works to predict and prevent this kind of situations, encourage citizens (families) and create conditions for addressing such problems.

The center provides psychological and rehabilitation help and social assistance at home.

Specialists of the center render psychological, pedagogical, financial aid, give consultations on different issues and organize social rehabilitation actions for families and children.