A total of 1,014 employees are engaged in the education system. Specialists with the highest qualifications account for 15 per cent, first-class qualifications – for 41 per cent.

The education system comprises 53 educational establishments including 1 gymnasium, 13 secondary, 2 basic and 2 primary schools, 10 schools-kindergartens, a regional evening secondary school, a child development center, 16 nursery schools, a children-youth club of physical education, a school of young technicians, a children creativity center, an out-of-school activity center, a socio-pedagogical center, 2 educational industrial facilities, a center of correction education and rehabilitation. There are 5,488 schoolchildren and 1,382 preschool children.

Teachers of the regions have repeatedly become prizewinners of professional workmanship oblast and nationwide contests: Pedagogue-Psychologist /1st place in 2003/, Teacher of the Year 2004 /3rd place/, Supervising Teacher of the Year /3rd place in 2005/, Cultural Events Planner /3rd place in 2004/, Out-of-School Activities Counselor /4th place in 2005/.

The level of employment of young people attests to the efficiency of the policy pursued in the region. while in 2000 some 22.6 per cent of school leavers were admitted to higher educational establishments,  in 2005 the figure rose to 27 per cent; 19.6 and 20.3 per cent respectively got enrolled in vocational colleges.

Owing to the assistance from by the Swiss cooperation office in Belarus, four schools of the region have opened their Internet sites: